Handling of Personal Information

    HR holds and processes a significant amount of personal information which begins with the recruitment process. It is important that all personal information held both on manual and electronic systems and the use of such information complies with the principles laid down under current Data Protection legislation.

    Detailed in the tabs below you will find more information on what is in place within your Board.

    National Services Scotland

    Access to your information is restricted to those who need to know and each Board takes all reasonable steps to protect it. Your manager can view personal information on eESS relating to your employment but cannot see any information relating to equality and diversity, e.g. religion or any job applications that you might make or information you might submit via the exit interview questionnaire on eESS. To ensure the integrity of your information, it is your responsibility to ensure that your personal and job information is correct and that any changes to your role, line manager or department are advised to your Board HR team via the Notification of Change process.

    Data Protection Law gives you the right to access information which your Board holds about you, commonly known as a subject access request. This gives you the right to obtain a copy of your personal as well as other supplementary information. It helps you understand how and why we are using your information and to check that we are doing it lawfully.

    To request access to your HR record, please complete the Request Access to HR Records Form below.  HR will deal with requests for access as quickly as possible, taking account of adherence to policies and urgent requests, and within one month of receipt of the request in accordance with Data Protection Law.

    Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management Referral reports held on personal files can be accessed via the above route. However, OHS records containing special category information ie personal health information are not held on personal files and may be accessed by the individual to whom they refer to only by consent. To access your Occupational Health Records please complete the Request Access to Occupational Health Records form below.

    For more information on what personal information we use as an organisation, what our legal basis is for using it and how we protect it please read the NSS Data Protection Notice. It also explains what your rights are under data protection law, how you can ask to see your information and what to do if you have any concerns about how we manage personal information. Further information on what personal information HR holds and stores can be found in our Staff Data Protection Notice below.

    NHS 24

    Please note, this page is currently under construction.

    You can make a request for information internally by emailing , externally by using the following link on the NHS 24 website, or sending us your request in writing to: 

    Information Governance and Security NHS 24, Fifty Pitches Road, Glasgow G51 4EB

    You will receive a response within 40 working days.