As a Line Manager how do I handle a request for a Reduced Working Year contract?

When considering a request from an employee to work term time and/or school/nursery hours contract, managers should consider the following:

  • Organisation of Workload - this type of working may require increased organisation of workload in order to meet service needs during planned absences.
  • Suitable Cover - for many jobs within the service, there will be a need to cover posts throughout the year and managers need to consider how such jobs will be covered.
  • Impact on other Staff - it is vital that NSS considers the impact on other staff where one member of the team is working a term time arrangement, i.e. provisions for cover, annual leave arrangements, etc.

As a line manager you should then discuss the proposal with departmental colleagues and the HR Services before making a final decision.

All requests will be considered on the merits of the individual case, balanced with operational requirements. If a request has been rejected, full details should be provided in writing to the employee, clearly explaining the reasons for doing so.

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