Am I eligible for a phased retirement? SAS

Staff members may wish to adjust to the prospect of retirement, with a gradual reduction in working hours which may be introduced three months prior to retirement.

Third month before retiral       80% of contracted hours

Second month before retiral     60% of contracted hours

Last month before reiral          40% of contracted hours

During this time employees will be paid as if at work.  The pattern of reduced hours can only be permitted on the basis shown above i.e. the paid time off cannot be aggregated over a longer or shorter period.

Please note that this only applies to staff who are permanently retiring.  Not those who are immediately returning to work for the Service.

You should speak to your line manager if you are considering requesting a reduction in working hours.  It is important that the Service can plan resources to support a phased retiral, therefore staff are asked to provide as much notice of intent as possible. For further information please refer to the Retirement policy.


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