Building your Resilience

Date: 30 October 2020

Time: 10:00 to 11:00


Resilience is a key skill for everyone in both our personal and professional lives. It helps individuals “bounce back” when encountering challenges, setbacks and crisis. This 1 hour session will give you the opportunity to consider actions you might take when you find yourself in challenging situations.

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All staff / line manager

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Coping with uncertainty

It can be difficult to see what’s coming next, but with the right approach you can become comfortable with uncertainty and be prepared for whatever the future brings.


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Six resilience factors for effective leadership success

Gain an insight into these six identified factors. Take time for personal reflection to identify areas for improvement.


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Top tips for developing personal resilience

Some maybe more resilient than others. But the good thing is, that we can learn to develop and improve.


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The road to resilience

10 step action plan to help improve your personal resilience.





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