Managing Projects Remotely - NSS/PHS

Date: 21 October 2020


This course is designed to help project managers tackle the challenges of managing and delivering a remote project. Structured into four modules and delivered as a 1 day web-based course. 


By the end of this course the learner will recognise the challenges of delivering remote projects and will be able to describe ways in which they can deal with these challenges.

This will help projects managers to effectively manage remote teams and achieve project targets successfully. 

Course content

  1. Project Communications – How to overcome the challenges of working remotely and communicating effectively with various stakeholders for the project.
  • Planning communications
  • Project/Programme/Corporate level communications
  • Wider stakeholder communications
  • Team communications
  1. Project planning – How to overcome the challenge of remotely using a collaborative approach to planning a project with the team
  • How to approach a collaborative planning session
  • Tools to utilise for effective planning 
  1. Resource Usage and tracking – How to acquire and manage remote resources and track their work to achieve project objectives
  • Setting up the team
  • Keeping the team motivated
  • Dealing with issues, risks and conflict
  • Monitoring and tracking progress
  1. Product development and delivery – How to deal with the challenges of remote development and testing requirements as well as product sign-off and delivery to operations
  • Incremental Product development vs waterfall product development
  • Demonstration and testing
  • Sign-off and handover 


1 day - 9:30am - 4:30pm


Suitable to those who manage projects and project team members. 


Delegates should have a basic knowledge of project management fundamentals.

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