Management Development - Managing Attendance

Date: 09 December 2020


As a Manager, it's your role to support staff in managing their attendance. This session aims to provide you with the confidence and softer skills to enable you to hold supportive conversations with staff.

The session focuses on:

  • High quality questioning techniques
  • Using a range of tools and techniques to use when holding supportive conversations
  • Plan and carry out a structured conversation that will support employees who are experiencing ill health

Our Management Development sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging, there will be activities and the opportunity to discuss throughout our sessions. Therefore, we ask that when attending you keep your camera’s on, so that you can see who you are talking to and enjoy the full experience.


2 hours


Existing and Aspiring Managers

Watch this video to learn about our new booking process and then complete the booking form to register for a space.

Supplementary learning resources:




To read

Attendance Policy: Guide for Managers

Familiarise yourself with the Attendance Management policy.

To read

Guide to supportive and difficult conversations

Before attending the session, read through the skills recommended which could assist in holding supportive conversations.

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