Management Development - Feedback Skills

Date: 03 November 2020

Time: 14:00 to 15:30


As a Manager you need to feel comfortable giving feedback and understanding how it can be received. Now that a lot of us are working from home, it is even more important to ensure staff feel connected and understand the impact of their work and feedback is the key.

This session focuses on;

  • Benefits of giving and receiving feedback
  • Barriers and challenges with feedback
  • Planning the conversation

Our Management Development sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging, there will be activities and the opportunity to discuss throughout our sessions. Therefore, we ask that when attending you keep your camera’s on, so that you can see who you are talking to and enjoy the full experience.


90 minutes


Existing and Aspiring Managers

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Supplementary learning resources:





To watch

Giving Feedback

When you give feedback to members of your team, is it a positive process, or is it one that everyone dreads?

Like it or not, feedback is an essential part of learning and growth. Find out how to make it a more positive experience in this short video.

To read

BOOST feedback model

With a specific example in mind, learn more about the BOOST model for feedback and how applying it may have made you change the way you provided feedback.

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